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“Transform today for a sustainable future tomorrow.”

Business, agile & leadership transformation.

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The revolution of networked information technology flattens the world, and connects everyone 24/7, to their jobs, families, friends, shops, worldwide events and more. We are becoming a worldwide village again. 

Traditional models of organising, managing and leading are increasingly failing to provide sustainable solutions to the current environment which is marked by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). Our environment and economy, are evolving like never seen before, faster and in more unpredictable ways.

We cannot rely on the past anymore to guide us into the future. It is said that most kids in preschool today will work in jobs or careers that don’t exist yet. And they will have to adapt their carreer, over and over again.

This new context asks for an other mindset of leaders, employees and mankind in general.

What does this all means:

  • We = more & more connected: the world = flat again. 
  • World becomes increasingly complex and chaotic.
  • The West no longer holds a monopoly on brain power or innovation.
  • Knowledge is available anywhere in no time and at no cost.
  • Information is abundant yet not always reliable or relevant.
  • Technological innovations are just part of the game, and no longer make the difference with competitors. ‘Hot’ tech today, is in no time available at no cost. Old fashioned already tomorrow.
  • Traditional leadership styles, management skills, mindsets and organisational structures no longer work in this context. Even education has to be reconsidered.

“Disruptive and game changing new business models are popping up, and will change the economic landscape forever”

“Current economic behaviors seems to get less predictable and change at an ever accelerating pace”

“The network and digital revolution is going so fast that we don’t have any clue anymore what the future will bring.” 


True Value Innovators: “We are very passionate when it comes to helping companies, employees, teams, parents and kids to acquire the necessary new mindsets and skills to surf the powerful waves of societal, technological and business innovation.”

Quote Trans4Mation: “Traditional leaders, believe they can ‘manage’ the transformation process. Most leaders believe that Agile transformation are nothing more than using new project management tools. This is NOT possible. That is the #1 reason for the failure of organizational transformations (of any kind).”


Where can you make the difference?

Becoming future ready and staying future proof demands TODAY a different mindset of every company, all leaders ànd employees. 



It’s all about creating on a continuous basis your own future: “You need to rethink your framework with new eyes, again and again, to stay relevant in the current (business) playfield.”

This means that beyond the normal operational innovation, strategic innovation becomes key: new (disruptive) business plan generation and vision building, as well as profound innovations of processes, communications, services and collaboration, are needed now.


Figures confirm that leaders know very well that organizational transformation is needed. The word ‘transformation’ is everywhere. Companies are very busy with transforming.

Yet, there are very few successful agile transformations. Most fail. How can leaders lead real transformations that will bring about true organizational agility?

Some essential keys:

It all starts with senior management: highly effective leadership, both individual and collective, demands in this context, a different leadership mindset than ever before. Managers should become creative leaders, instead of just being reactive managers.

A transformation has to be guided by a comprehensive integral framework. It asks a methodology that embodies a deep understanding of the nature of organizational change: individual mindset transformation of leadership and employees, cultural change, system change ànd new practices/methods, are interconnected. You can’t change one without the other. Count in also the human development factor, and you understand that a transformation can only truely happen, when this lead by multidisciplinary experience.



Our mission?: Helping organizations, teams, leaders and employees, as well as kids and society as a whole, to become and stay future-proof. Now and in the future.”

What?: “We facilitate strategic innovations and coach leaders in leading real transformations that will bring about true organizational agility.”

Our Social Responsibility is to learn children to stay design thinkers.

“We cannot predict the future, but we can learn you to shape it on a continuous basis.” 

Every piece of the puzzle is connected:

True Value Innovators is an integral agile transformation company that doesn’t just focus on one aspect of transformation, but rather provides a systemic, integral approach that combines these concepts, from which one cannot work without the other:

  • Business transformation based on Design Thinking.
  • Agile Transformation.
  • Leadership Transformation.

And of course, our kids are our future. So it is our social responsibility to teach our children these mindsets and skills, too.



We are picky:

We want to help our clients achieve real and sustainable difference, and create true added value for all stakeholders. Therefore we only accept those assignments where there is a true intention from the top down to adopt a different leadership, culture, mindset and business strategy.

No body-shopping:

“When we don’t have the right team or we can’t make it available, we won’t take the assignment. We will not assign a collection of available consultants from our network for the sake of getting the deal and making money. We only assign True Value Innovators as a high-performance team, composed of those we believe and trust can make the difference for our clients.

Our goal is first and foremost: create true and lasting added value.

No, we are not naïve. Just very authentic, skilled, and convinced that our approach, expertise and mindset can create a better future for all. And of course, profitability is important. But profit is a result. Not the goal.

Integral solutions:

As a team of True Value Innovators, we have comprehensive expertise and experience in applying the integral agile framework and its related methods, techniques, and tools needed to future-proof any organisation.

More specifically, our expertise spans:

Foresight and Scenario Planning

Business Design Thinking

Business Model Generation

Value Proposition Generation

Vision Building

Service Design

Lean Start-up

Integral Agility

eXtreme Manufacturing

Self-steering Multidisciplinary Teams

Operational and Organisational Excellence


Comprehensive shop floor-to-board level business experience:

We have extensive business experience, at all levels of organisations including board membership. We too started out on the shop floor in operations, gradually working our way through management to the highest levels. Eventually setting up new companies and/or setting out to advise and coach others.

Coaching from experience, not books:

As a collective of motivated and mutually-supportive independent professionals (iPros) working together as highly performant, close-knitted teams, we experience first-hand both the challenges and benefits of agile, self-steering organisations. We are uniquely positioned to fully appreciate the struggles that traditional organisations and their various levels of management go through in learning and adopting the new mindsets and skills required to deal with complexity and disruption in the 21st century.
We fundamentally differentiate from other consulting companies in this. They may claim expertise in agile transformation but lack authentic real-life experience in what that means or requires, merely preaching to others what they have read in some books.

Expansive business & expertise network:

We have an extensive international network of True Value Innovators and like-minded advisors sharing our vision of the future. A network that gradually but continuously expands with each new business relationship.
Through that network we can provide our clients with access to a broad range of complementary expertise, techniques and methods that may be relevant to their business challenges, and help set up highly performant, self-managing cross-company teams.

Our Team of True Value Innovators

Sonja Put

Sonja Put

Co-Founder TVI and TVI/T4 POD Europe

Happy Business Design Thinker.

Passionate Transformation Coach.

Trilled (Collective) Leadership Transformation Coach.


My personal motto: “If I could have chosen the era to live in, this exciting era would be it!”.

 “As an inspirational business transformation coach in the current fast changing economic context and age of game changing new business models, I’m very passionate to facilitate, coach and transform today organizations and people, to become able, on a continuous and agile basis, to shape their future”.  


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Maria Beis Pachiarotti

Maria Beis Pachiarotti

Enthousiastic Non-Profit Design Thinker.

Communication expert.


…………..“Worldwide, failure is usually portrayed as a dead-end road, a catastrophe. Failure becomes a stain, part of your character and will overshadow everything you do from that day on. I love this quote from Henry Ford. A man that had more failure attempts that we can imagine, before changing human history. This reminds me the very purpose of failing: learning.”

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Dennis Van Eecke

Dennis Van Eecke

Kids Future Readiness Teamleader.

Robotics software designer.


“I am an robotics engineer passionate by design in all disciplines. I love all delicate mechanisms that drive technology and innovation. That is why I am equally interested in software architecture as in the way people collaborate. My goal is to become fully integrated. I feel that, at the dawn of this new era, we must specialize in truly creative design thinking. Robots may do the heavy lifting for us. But we must still define the way to a better future. My experience with True Value innovators and as a robotics developer provide a unique perspective.”



Tell us!

Come on, you know it, just yell it!


We are always looking out for people who have bright insights to make True Value Innovators even more precious! New ideas or other services which fits in our Future Readiness Mission are all welcome to discuss! Since we are also business design thinkers, we walk the talk, by rethinking our business model on a continuous basis.




Koen Vandromme

Koen Vandromme

Co-Founder TVI - TVI/T4 POD Europe

Certified Integral Agile Coach

Empathic Pragmatic Agilist

Certified Scrum for Hardware Trainer.

European  T4-Pod Lead.


Self-organization is not a startling new feature of the world. It is the way the world has created itself for billions of years.” Frederic Laloux. 


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Ben Willems

Ben Willems

Collective Transformation Coach.


“I am a natural product of the amazing combination of Psychological and sociological sciences. With a practical experience of almost 20 years in both domains, I’m already from the beginning convinced of the fact that the answer for a lot of our personal and society-questions lays in the consciousness self and the system itself. This means that I live my professional identity completely. I am the collective transformator driven by acting consciously, fully aware of the impact on every micro and macro system.”


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Dorian Vandromme

Dorian Vandromme


Our small True Value Innovator.

Still authentic design thinker.

Teammember Kids Future Readiness Programm.


“There are not enough hours in a day to experiment, create, play and enjoy living”


“Come on, sleeping is time waisting. Who did invent sleeping?”


“Look always with new eyes, over and over again.”



Agile Transformation and Leadership Development Offerings in Europe.

For Agile Transformation & Leadership Development in Europe.


The TVI-T4 Pod Europe is a cross-functional team of Agile Coaches who as a team offer comprehensive leadership, coaching and transformational skills and expertise. They use the Integral Agile Framework to guide Agile Transformations and Leadership Development at our clients’ organisations.

The TVI-T4 Pod results from a partnership between True Value Innovators (Belgium), founded by Sonja Put and Koen Vandromme, and Trans4mation (USA), founded by Michael Spayd and Michele Madore.   

Philippe Leliaert

Philippe Leliaert

Organisational Excellence Coach.

Courageous Followership Skills.

T4-POD member.

“As a team coach & trainer, my focus is on getting people to achieve exceptional performance through mutual trust and respect, more productive collaboration,
joint creative problem solving, and celebrating each others’ successes.


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Richard Kalmeijer

Richard Kalmeijer

Lean Agile Transformation Coach.

T4 POD member.

ARE YOU A TVI-T4 POD member?

ARE YOU A TVI-T4 POD member?

What is your expertise?

Contact us!


Tell us what is your expertise and where you see yourself adding value.


We are constantly looking for new people with the right skills set and experience to join our TVI POD Europe for Business Design Thinking and Strategic Innovation assignments, or our TVI-T4 POD Europe for Integral Agile Transformation & Leadership Development assignments.



Design thinking and strategic innovators in Europe.

For Design Thinking and Strategic Innovation in Europe.


The TVI Pod Europe is a close-knit cross-functional team of Business Design Thinkers, Non-Profit Design Thinkers, Strategic Innovators, Service Designers,… They, as a team, offer comprehensive leadership, managerial, operational and transformational skills and expertise.

Our True Value Wizards



Our Integral, holistic Medecine Expert.

“By living deeply in the present moment we can understand the past bette rand we can prepare for a better future”-  Thích Nhât Hahn

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Sabine Martens

Sabine Martens

Healthy food advisor.

“We kunnen pas liefde geven als we onszelf graag zien. Zelfliefde start met te kiezen voor gezonde voeding en te koken voor jezelf.”

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Luc Buntinx

Luc Buntinx

Our digital wizard, inventor and smartest 'Macgyver' ever.
Our most smart advisor!

Michelle Duke Devicariis

Our schoolsystem expert from innovative LA.

“A schoolsystem has to adapted on regular basis to educate kids to be future ready and proof’.

What kind of advisor can you be?

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We are always looking for smart people who want to advice us to accomplish our mission!

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