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“In this, every new day, faster moving VUCA world, organizations will outperform, and even more, only survive, if they are able to reinvent themselves and shape their own market, over and over again. “

“Shaping your own market is changing the game: moving the needle and change the value of the firm in a significant way.”

“Classic economic thinking, isn’t sufficient anymore to be successful. A new dimension is additional necessary: ‘Strategic Innovation’. New methodologies as DESIGN THINKING become crucial.”

Sonja Put, Design Thinker and co-founder True Value Innovator

…a period of discontinuity is, for those with courage and vision, a period of opportunity. Over the next couple of years, there will be winners, and there will be losers. And thought it may not be easy to see now, I believe we will see leaders emerge who win not by surviving the storm, but by changing the game.”

Samuel J. Palmisano, former Chairman and CEO IBM Co.



“The most successful organizations in the years to come, will balance analytical mastery and intuitive originality in a dynamic interplay: DESIGN THINKING.”

“Design thinking is a form of thought that enables forward movement of knowledge, and the organizations that master it will gain a nearly inexhaustible, long-term business advantage.” Roger Martin, Dean of Rotman School of Management.


– Step 1 –


General strategy


Projects, Processes, Collaboration & Organizational structures, Communication & Marketing, Customer’s Experiences and Service Design.

– Step 2 –

Organizational Transformation

“Re-inventing Organizations”


WHY ? After going through a strategic innovation process, you have a future proof plan on the table to implement. But this is not enough, in this era you as a company have to re-invent yourself continuously to stay ahead. This requires also the development of innovation capabilities through the whole organization, a pro-active, dynamic and continuous business, service design thinking, agile mindset and culture. Beside this, even important, there also has to be installed an internal innovation loop to continuously come from ideas to truly implementation.


  • Business model (re)thinking & innovation.
  • Disruptive business modelling.
  • Alternative generation.

WHY ? Most business failures in history in times of  ‘dramatic economic change’  like today, were due to, or too late rethinking, or not rethinking at all. And many which try to do so now, will fail since they don’t do it the right way. It’s normal that companies need to get facilitated in this process, since mastering business modelling  is a specialization. Of course you did hear from ‘disruptive’ business models. But did you hear from long tail, multi-side, open, unbundling,…platforms?


“Every industry/business can survive, when developing a great futuristic vision. You always have something to give the world, maybe something totally different, but you have to shape it yourself”.


  • How does the future of a library look like in a digital era? (Georgia, USA, Library Fund).
  • What can be the future of the book-concept? (IDEO, CA, USA).
  • How can the future of retail highstreets looks like, in a age of more and more digitalization 

WHY? Every industry has to anticipate to the future, maybe your sector is vanishing, or not yet, it’s important to have a vision about how your future can be. Starting with a great vision, keeping this in mind on the way to realize it, with a continuous re-thinking mindset, will make you able to stay ahead and shape your own future

HOW ?  We develop a vision with a team of cross-functional experts, going through our TVI Design Thinking Process. We even ask children to give their input;

FOR WHOM ? companies, (local) governments, interest groups, boards, non-profit organizations, retailers,…


“Most musea in the USA, are experience designed, through all different eyes possible. This in combination with all the digital possibilities, makes exhibitions attractive at the same time for very young children, teenagers, adults,…all”. Experience and concept design is a treasure to make a real difference” – Sonja Put

WHY?  We love generating concepts: new products, customer experiences, (co-creation) concept design, … We get excited when we can help you to be different,to transcend the competition and start playing your own game. The future of marketing will be all about experience and service design to attract and keep customers. But not only businesses ask our help, also nonprofit organizations, schools or fundraising organizations do.


  • Why don’t we attract children or young people to our museum exhibition? (actual question by an Italian well-known jewelry brand)
  • We have a non-traditional product or service…, it fulfills authentic client’s needs, but why are the clients not coming? (actual question by a non-traditional retail business)
  • How can we make the difference to attract people without being the price breaker?
  • We would like to attract and hold clients, who are now start using online shopping. How do we make that transition ?
  • We want an exceptional event. (several concept papers written for events).
  • We want a new playground at school – a different concept – ecological, green, low cost,…(actual co-creation project with kids).
NOTE: we also have a taylor made program to rethink SMALL COMPANIES, LOCAL RETAILERS, START- UPS,…We love to help them with our skills.  For us, doing this, is inspiring and energizing… and so exciting.
NOTE: “NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS have to rethink themselves from subsidised organizations to ‘enterpreneurial’ driven organizations to be sustainable future-proof. The mission remains, but operation funding does not longer mainly come from the goverment.” – Stanford University
NOTE: START-UPS: as we have the experience, we also can help out with:

1) Coaching and hands on advice on:

  • formatting/set up business/investment/financial plan
  • Partnership finding
  • Company: financial/management/shareholder structuring
  • Funding company: loans, investors, subsidies,…

2) Negotiation, deal making, mediation with partners, investors and  stakeholders.