You can have gone through our business design process, and have a real good idea and business concept witch solve a latent need of costumers, but witch is not common and is unusual.
Especially in Flanders costumers are more conservative than in other countries and have very crusted prejudices.

Challenge:  many people work both, have children,…. One of their goals is to eat healthy and fresh, even for some biological is preferred. Some have help from their parents, to cook for them, other haven’t. In bigger cities you have healthy and fresh take away, but in the most other cities and rural places you don’t.
Idea and concept: a platform where people can offer home cooked meals. The concept is that you can look at people in your neighborhood, who cook more on your request. You can pick it up against a reasonable price. You can search for people who cook biological, without additives, gluten free,….
Good solution?: the concept is a very good solution for the above latent need. It also solves the problem of throwing away food when you cook for a small family.
But it doesn’t work in Flanders. Why? it is not traditional. Most people have the crusted idea that a healthy, and biological cooked mail is only ‘home cooked’ if they do it themselves at home. Also they think that they will pay more buying a meal elsewhere. Sharing is not conventional, so in their mind it’s not as good or not done. There is no argument at all that this is not a good solution.
So you have a good idea and concept to solve a latent need, but how do you convince people or how do you win costumers? True Value Innovators has developed a process to design your customers strategy to attract and convince customers, customers retention, to your non-conventional concept, taking into account the stubbornness and traditional thinking of people. We go deep under the skin of your potential customers to find the necessary insights to develop breakthrough ideas for an effective and successful action plan.
Yes you also will need marketing and communication, but this is additional to a very good strategy and comes after a successful action plan.





– idea

– concept

Missing: clients reach.

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