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True Value Innovator Sonja: “When I was studying on Stanford, I felt it was important to learn my child Dorian, at that moment still a toddler, the necessary mindset to be able to create his own future. Then I saw him grewing up, and I did see, what they told us on Stanford, children are design thinkers by nature!

Research shows us that our school system is still not adapted to learn our children to be and to stay future ready in this new disruptive era. I did visit schools in California and even in Harlem, even public ones, where they are doing it already totally different, as from préschool.

“For me this was an eye-opener: I don’t have to learn my little boy the right mindset, but I have to help him not to loose it and to strengthen it”.  

 We want to help the government to change the school system, but since it isn’t going fast enough yet, we did decide to create: 


The best way to create new concepts/products is to team up with your future stakeholders, so my son Dorian became a team member. This is the best decision we did make. We make now courses, really the way children like it, and Dorian learns to be, very young, to work in an agile team. A win-win situation. We are in full development of a 5 days active workshop for children in Design Thinking. We keep you posted!

For businesses: in some business cases, we asks kids for input. Amazing what ideas come up when you the vision of a kid. We are certainly motivated to put children, elderly,…and co, in innovation teams. So contact us if you’re interested!

The needed evolution of the schoolsystem:

Sir Ken Robinson, explains it, in this great animation, made by RSA (source: YouTube): “Changing Education Paradigms”: