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Happy Business Design Thinker.

Passionate Transformation Coach.

Trilled (Collective) Leadership Coach.


                 “As an inspirational business transformation coach in the current fast changing economic context and age of game changing new business models, I’m very passionate to facilitate today organizations and people, to become able, on a continuous and agile basis, to shape their future.”  


EVERY ORGANIZATION has to RETHINK themselves now, to become futureproof, this by rethinking their current BUSINESSMODEL(S) profoundly.”


“To stay future proof, ask for profound TRANSFORMATIONS OF the organizations  CULTURE, like an agility, design thinking and lean startup mindset. This is a very needed mind shift, in comparison with current organizational structures ”


“Managers will only outperform in this new era, if they are able to transform from reactive management to creative collective leadership. Only the one who have the guts to look at their drivers and change their reactions from reactive to creative, can make the TRANSFORMATION FROM MANAGERS TO SERVANT LEADER. Only these will be able to thrive their companies in to a sustainable future. This also ask another mind shift, since we are, till now, coached to be managers”.                  

 My personal motto: “If I could have chosen the era to live in, this exciting era would be it!”.

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