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My personal motto: “If I could have chosen the era to live in, this exciting era would be it!”.

My quotes:

“As an inspirational business transformation coach in the current fast changing economic context and age of game changing new business models, I’m very passionate to facilitate, coach and transform today organizations and people, to become able, on a continuous and agile basis, to shape their future”.

EVERY ORGANIZATION has to RETHINK themselves now, to become futureproof, this by rethinking their current BUSINESS MODEL profoundly”.

“Staying future proof requires profound TRANSFORMATION OF the organizations’ CULTURE, with an agile, design thinking and lean startup mindset, throughout the organization from top to bottom. This mindshift is needed and totally different from the current organizational structures”.

“Managers will only outperform in this new era, if they are willing to TRANSFORM, not only ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL BUT ALSO ON A COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP LEVEL. Only those that  have the courage to look at their drivers and change their reactions from reactive to creative, will be able to make the TRANSFORMATION FROM MANAGERS TO SERVANT LEADERS. Only the latter will be able to thrive their companies towards a sustainable future. This also requires a total mind shift, since we are, till now, coached to become  previous-era managers”.

“Rethinking Business Models and Business design thinking is not to be taken lightly”

Most businesses in history failed in times of ‘dramatic economic change’, the kind of times we experience today. The failures were due to too late rethinking, or no rethinking at all. And many fail by not doing it the ritght way or be taking it too lightly. It’s hard and hence normal that companies need to be facilitated through this process.

In well known business schools such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard, this is a study program on its own within their MBA programs. In the US, besides CEO’s, CIO’s, COO’s, more and more companies also have CDO’s – Chief Design Officers – that are certified business design thinkers.

“To balance Design Thinking and MBA thinking is key”.

For true change, sustainable results and to generate real added value, you need a combination of Design Thinking skills, balanced by MBA thinking, all in a well designed efficient processes.

“On the floor business experience is needed to create sustainable results.”

With over 20 years of solid and profound business experience of rethinking and managing companies and projects, I’m more and more passionate to share my experience to learjn organizations to be different, to become AND to stay future proof, to create sustainable added value and to innovate in a meaningful way.

My expertise:

Several start-ups, organizations, local governments, financial institutes, special interest groups,…already did used my services. Additional experience and business insights come from my ealier jobs, where I did rebuild organizations, revised strategies and projects, did generate and set up new businesses, funds, business ideas, business models, services and products from scratch.

Besides my MBA (UAMS) and a master in Civil Engineering (Architecture) (KUL), I have additional degrees in Strategic Innovation, Business Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Plan Generation, Setting up Innovative Businesses and Entrepreneurships: i.e. Stanford University, Maryland University, the Design Thinking Academy of Amsterdam, and many more.

I’m also certified as Transformation Leadership Coach, on individual and collective leadership level and can assess, individual and collective leadership, using the “The Leadership Profile 360.” For me, this tool gives me the right insights that are needed to coach leadership, individual and collective, in their transformation to effective servant leadership. True Value Innovators embraced this tool as it complements our integral approach.